Innovazione nello Smart Working
What is Whead

Innovation in Agile Work

Whead is a digital platform that helps project managers to select among the professionals registered to the system (so-called Wheaders) those most suitable to create a team that meets the requirements of the end customer and produces the desired output.
Whead supports the team throughout the project plan through advanced workflow management and cooperation tools.


Unlike match-making work platforms, Whead is committed to the delivery of the project and does not only list the workforce available.
Whead guarantees the skills and know-how of the specialists who will be involved in the project under the coordination of the project manager.


Clients appreciate that the team is composed of specialized professionals and not generic recruits.
Project managers appreciate the fact that they can build a team of any size relying on unlimited resources distributed geographically.
Professionals can count on a continuous workflow without having to leave their city to look for work in a large company.


Whead drives innovation in the labour market by further enhancing the transition to distributed models for professional services.
Whead is a digital native company, distributed and expanding into the European market.
Whead is a model that aims to create jobs while improving work conditions.


Our clients
Firms, Pubblic Administration, Media Agencies
Our target
Project managers, Procurement managers
The network of our Wheaders
Freelance (ICT & Digital)
+ 500
Digital skills database
+ 30
Senior Wheader
The Head of wHead