Quick response team

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Whead defines the best solution based on the objectives and requirements of your project.
Whead monitors and oversees the workflow by bringing in the right professionals at the right time.
Your new department, only when you need it.


Digital services at 360°
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Clients acquired through agency
Collaboration Management


Thanks to centralised management, everything is always under control.
Design thinking
Together we define the goals of the project and the profitability of the proposed solution.
Key account
You will interface with an Account Manager to check the progress of the project.
We select the right team for you and your client.

The advantages of working with Whead

Togheter on common goals
Digital Governance
Digital project management, Lean Management
Quick Response Team
Responsive, Attentive and Helpful
Database of Skills
Senior multi-skills team, Key Account, Project Management
Chosen by the agencies for our competence


Chosen by the agencies for our competence.
Kinder, Easter 2020

We worked with the agency HUB09, on graphic mockups provided by them, for the development of the website Kinder Easter 2020 . Technologies used: Statie and Sympony PHP, Java Script, CSS. Team composed by 4 Wheaders Senior.

E-commerce Fiocchi di Riso

We worked with PHOENIX ADV for the creation of Wireframe, Design and UX Design, Prototyping, Stylebook and operational support on the Design Project of the e-commerce portal of the Fiocchi di Riso brand.