Are you a freelancer

Are you a freelancer?

Join Whead
+ projects
+ continuity
+ incentives
+ value
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Then we'll be waiting for you in Whead!
We are looking for people with proven experience and skills for high quality output.
For Whead is not only important the output but also the way to get there.
The talents we are looking for know how to work in a team while remaining independent.
Why Whead

Why Whead

In team you work better, in Whead™ you earn more.
Fewer fixed costs to be more competitive and ensure more opportunities and higher remuneration for freelancers.
With Whead, you can work with larger clients and innovative solutions, including access to tenders and partnerships.
Whead is a model that aims to create work while improving the conditions for it.
Whead provides operational tools and services of legal, economic, insurance and training support.

The Roles in Whead

Choose at any time which role you want to play and how to work in Whead
1. Explorer
You participate in recruiting, if successful you'll join Whead.
2. Builder
You take care of the production and delivery phase, start working on a project and become an operational Wheader.
3. Guide
You take care of project management and accounting, start working on a project and become an operational Wheader.
4. Enabler
You are one of the key Wheaders in project management and monitoring.