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A selection of our greatest works

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Chosen by Agencies for our Professionalism

Media Agencies

Sample works commissioned through media agencies
Kinder, Easter 2020

We worked with the agency HUB09, on graphic mockups provided by them, for the development of the website Kinder Easter 2020 . Technologies used: Statie and Sympony PHP, Java Script, CSS. Team composed by 4 Wheaders Senior.

E-commerce Fiocchi di Riso

We worked with PHOENIX ADV for the creation of Wireframe, Design and UX Design, Prototyping, Stylebook and operational support on the Design Project of the e-commerce portal of the Fiocchi di Riso brand.

Chosen by Companies for our Professionalism

Companies and public administration

Sample works with direct customers
Green has italia spa

Training and consulting for social communication and the editorial plan. The company specializes in research, production and marketing of products for plant nutrition of agricultural crops.

Agenzia piemonte lavoro (pubblic administration)

Development of demand - labour supply matching system. UI, UX and Graphics of the portal. Training workshops and consulting activities of communication to the Agency. Technologies: CMS Wordpress Multisite; Original Plugin developed by Whead for the management of job offers; compliance with PA Design guidelines.